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Would you sell your house and work from a motorhome?

Discussion in 'General Business Chat' started by Simon Hampel, 30th Sep, 2016.

  1. Simon Hampel

    Simon Hampel Founder Staff Member

    24th Aug, 2016
    Flying Solo: Extreme mobile office: Living, working and travelling in a bus motorhome

    My wife and I had actually seriously considered this ourselves - even got to the point of pricing up motor homes and starting to think though logistics.

    After years of trying to start a family and no success with assisted reproduction techniques, we were pretty much at the point of giving up, buying a large motorhome and operating my web-based businesses from the road, at least for a couple of years.

    We had applied to adopt children from an orphanage overseas, but the wait and unknowns were killing us and so we were actively working on this "plan B" just in case (call it "running away" if you like) - when we finally got allocated a child, which changed everything.

    I think it can work for some people, but the reality would have been quite frustrating I think. Still, we can dream.
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  2. Jaylu

    Jaylu New Member

    14th Sep, 2016
    We were literally talking about this yesterday. It's very tempting, even with 3 kids. I would take zero convincing - however Hubby is a realist and worries for the kids...I am not opposed to giving them an alternative lifestyle though! :)
  3. Moyjos

    Moyjos Member

    25th Sep, 2016
    Caloundra, Qld
    I could ( and have ) travelled in a motorhome for a while . We always hire a motorhome in Tasmania.
    I would NOT however ever sell our home to do it.
    My parents are grey nomads, but have always had a house ad a home base. They have seen MANY people over the past 30 years on the road, who have sold up and then one gets sick or they get too old to keep travelling and there is no house to go back to, the motorhome or caravan is not worth enough to buy another place.
    We plan on travelling around Aus in the next few years, and are currently planning and budgeting for 2 years away when we sell the business. We will keep our unit and rent it out while awe are away.
  4. aussieB

    aussieB New Member

    6th Sep, 2016
    When I was thinking of it (living and running my IT consulting gig from a caravan/trailerpark), some of the problems were a postal address (for cases where the sender will not accept a PO box), guaranteed reliance of high speed internet for reasonable prices, peace and quiet needed to conduct everyday business (them trailer parks can get too noisy. And if you have pulled over in the boonies the cops can knock - just something that can cause disturbance when video streaming etc)
  5. arrowwise

    arrowwise Active Member

    5th Sep, 2016
    It can help achieve the best of both worlds work / life balance. If the travel gets too exciting you could lose focus and productivity in your day job. Could work the other way and make you more motivated to work hard.
  6. Freddy G

    Freddy G Member

    19th Mar, 2017
    This was a dream of mine in the past but after trying to work offsite from my car (Ford Territory), coffee shops, library, etc.. I find that I'm not as productive as when I'm home by myself. The lack of Internet speed is a killer, the cost of mobile data, distraction are among the few things that come to mind.

    I finally have a setup that I can work with, multiple screens and backup systems (local & cloud) that gives me confidence that I have the tools around me and my work is secured.

    My wife's work is now on Agile Workspace I believe. I thought the idea was good but I'm finding that I'm not as productive working on a single laptop sitting on difference areas in the office.

    Of course this depends on how technology would be like in the near future. If the laptop below becomes available and I can afford 2 of them, maybe, just maybe.... :) ces-2017-razer-introduces-insane-triple-monitor-gaming-lapto_sf5n.jpg
  7. Aaron Moon

    Aaron Moon New Member

    4th Sep, 2018
    that would definitely be an interesting way of living!