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What do you use to run your business? We use ASANA

Discussion in 'Business Technology' started by RPI, 7th Sep, 2016.

  1. RPI

    RPI Well-Known Member

    31st Aug, 2016
    We have legal practice management software and various bits and pieces but if you asked what is it that really runs our business I would have to say ASANA.

    Asana is project management software for want of a better description. It is a lot more and it is still free for <15 users.

    This is how we use it.
    1. every file is a single project.
    2. templates for the different sorts of matters. eg the 83 steps in a residential conveyance are listed out there
    3. using tags to create different lists
    4. using tags to create different calendars
    5. all mail, faxes (yes lawyers still have to use them), email to generic address is automatically routed to an incoming correspondence project.
    6. metrics for the business
    7. accounts
    8. assigning tasks between staff members
    9. phone messages
    10. accounts payable
    11. admin - new staff member template outlines who does what and when
    12. file notes and emails relating to conditions or legal deadlines
    13. No one has private to do lists, they are in ASANA. We can look at everyone and everything that is going on quickly.
    14. Every boring recurring tasks go in there, eg fill photocopier

    The My Tasks function is however lives. If someone is away sick it is so easy to see what they neet that day.

    What do you use and how do you use it?
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  2. arrowwise

    arrowwise Active Member

    5th Sep, 2016
    We use a combination of paid Google Apps email integrated with google tasks, calendar etc along with a customised CRM like Salesforce for full client history, quoting, workflow, sales etc. Google Tasks can be made collaborative between one or multiple email accounts, emails can also be assigned via shared gmail labels. The more you can do within the sphere of your email box the better, as just about everything seems to email centric from start to end.

    Sounds like you are doing wonders with ASANA, but once you require more complex capability built within outside the standard scope you are forced to move to a CRM situation either as well as or instead.
  3. d.t.

    d.t. Member

    29th Aug, 2016
    Property Me to run the trust account, do entry/routine/exit inspections, log maintenance jobs.
    Xero to run the operating account.
    InspectRealEstate for home opens, tenant database and application tracking.
    Microsoft Office rather than google app stuff.