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Offering great tech consulting in Sydney

Discussion in 'Business Technology' started by kmoe96, 19th May, 2019.

  1. kmoe96

    kmoe96 New Member

    19th May, 2019
    Need a complex website / app / tool / service built?

    A final year Computer Science student here. I'm looking to work with small businesses to help realise some of their more complex tech projects.

    It is often the case where unqualified or dodgy consultancies are hired to work on complex projects. They turn out over budget, un-maintanable, or are handed off to offshore freelancers. Otherwise, large enterprise IT consultancies are often used, which are glorified middlemen to the actual developer and cause a whole other set of problems in the development process.

    I have a lot of practical experience in the field. I am great at creating systems that are optimal for businesses while still being cost effective. I am not afraid to use new technologies and I enjoy the challenge of fitting languages and architectures to business requirements. This is possible because I like to follow new technologies and patterns and can filter out the hype.

    I have a great work ethic. I take owning my own work seriously and strive to keep my work well maintained and easy to understand.

    Notable Skills: Node.js, AWS Lambda, Angular, Postgres, Docker, Python, Java, C & C++, PHP

    Current Interests: Event sourcing, distributed systems, sveltejs, plpgsql, CDNs

    Don't worry if you don't know what any of that means. Send me a DM on this forum to get my contact info and open a line of communication about your project.

    If I find your project to be a good match, I'd love to work for you if the job matches this criteria:
    • onsite work around Sydney, the Hills, Parramatta or Blacktown - not remote
    • small business or startup (not necessarily in the tech industry)
    • part time, contract or casual 1-4 days a week (while studying)
    • low budget - I don't have high pay expectations