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Discussion in 'Business Showcase' started by Simon Hampel, 30th Sep, 2016.

  1. Simon Hampel

    Simon Hampel Founder Staff Member

    24th Aug, 2016
    A couple of weeks ago I relaunched my other online community InvestEd and rebranded it InvestChat.

    InvestChat :: Australian Investment and Wealth Management Community

    A group of us started InvestEd back in 2005 with the goal of building a membership based community for investment education - but the reality of how much effort this would take (given we all had full time jobs or businesses) meant that we soon changed our business model.

    We did really well riding the boom years leading up to the GFC with great advertising revenue from relatively little traffic on the site, but in the years following that, our ad revenue dried up as did interest in investing. Those of us who weren't wiped out were laying low and not that interested in shares.

    It took a good 5 years after the GFC for people to start showing a real interest in investing again and site traffic to start picking up, but by then I was too busy working on other projects to give the site the attention it deserved, so it languished in a neglected (and abused!) state for quite a few years.

    I've finally managed to dedicate the time to getting the site rebuilt, rebranded and relaunched and I've been spending the past few weeks cleaning up a lot of the spam and other inappropriate content which had crept onto the site while I wasn't paying attention.

    The focus of the site is to discuss investment across all asset classes (especially shares, managed funds, LICs, property) - as well as topics such as financial planning, portfolio construction, self managed super funds, insurance, estate planning and so on. It has much more of a financial planning focus than PropertyChat - which is very much dominated by one-eyed property investors - which is why I wanted to keep it as a separate site rather than merge it in with PropertyChat.

    There's only two of us still involved in the business now and I'm going to be operating it along a similar model to PropertyChat with premium/business memberships and advertising.

    I think the three sites - BusinessChat, PropertyChat and InvestChat should work well together and complement each other with only a little bit of crossover between them.
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