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Intro - Envious Solutions

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Envious Solutions, 18th Sep, 2016.

  1. Envious Solutions

    Envious Solutions New Member

    18th Sep, 2016
    Hi All

    I'm new to the whole forum style of "networking" but very active on social media sites ie. Facebook. My husband spends a lot of time on PropertyChat and is how I found out about this group.

    My name is Melita and I run a marketing business - Envious Solutions. I help businesses with their marketing and social media. I've been in marketing for 20 years but running my own for 5 years now. I love all things marketing and social media so work closely with small to medium sized businesses with their strategies and then implementing them.

    I was a graphic designer in a previous life so can easily move from design mode to marketing (which I believe work hand in hand). I do have a designer in my team who takes on all the design work and I'm trying to move from working "in" the business to "on" the business. Not as easy as it sounds :)

    I've worked in both the corporate world and small businesses so understand the needs of both which has helped me deliver such diversity in my own business to many various clients. I work with both B2B and B2C.

    On a personal note, I'm married with two kids aged 11 and 10 so as many business owners try and juggle the whole family and business life.

    I hope that I can add value to many in the group with anything around design, social media, copywriting, branding, email marketing and advertising.

    I'm an active networker so have many contacts should anyone need help in other areas of their business. ie. printing
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  2. Simon Hampel

    Simon Hampel Founder Staff Member

    24th Aug, 2016
    It's really great to have you here Melita!
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