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Hi from Afreen, Greeting from EQTribe Australia!!

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by EQTribe Australia, 7th Aug, 2017.

  1. EQTribe Australia

    EQTribe Australia New Member

    7th Aug, 2017
    Sydney, NSW
    Hi Everyone,

    I am Afreen, CTO, Co-founder and MD of EQTribe Australia.
    With proud, I would like you to know that EQTribe is Technology Startup, a new arrival in Australian Small Business Ecosystem. We are currently working on CRM mobile Application specifically for smaller businesses which would be launched soon . We also have plans to explore Australian IT market and expand our business in Custom Product Development.

    We have expertise in Modern Web Technologies along with New Age Databases in Software Applications and Product Development, Support and IT related Consultancy services.
    Services we offer –
    • Customised Web Application Development
    • Mobile Application development on iOS/ Android - Choose from Native or Hybrid
    • Cloud Based Solution with no up-front cost for hardware.
    • In-house hosting/deployment can be done if required.
    • Offline Data capability provision for Mobile Apps.
    • Application Maintenance & Support
    Look forward to have long term business relationship.
    You can know more about us at:
    email me @