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Gathering online business contact details and repost free

Discussion in 'Business Legal Issues' started by Sam, 27th Apr, 2018.

  1. Sam

    Sam New Member

    27th Apr, 2018
    I am wondering if there is any legal barrier for collecting publicly available online business contact details and repost them free on a free online business directory?

    One usecase is

    Google all the cleaning companies in Sydney, collect contact details, services they provide and business website. Then import them to another online business directory for free of charge. When posting details, it posts with original company website url also where the details have been taken.

    Those online service directory information will be available online free (similarly to the original web site) and users can search and use their services. This service is free of charge without any middle man or commisions.

    If any of those service providers wants to upgrade their free subscription to a paid one to list on the top of the search results, they can do so by paying a monthly fee.

    I am just wondering if there is anything illegal in above scenario?

  2. Brad Horan

    Brad Horan New Member

    23rd Nov, 2017
    Sorry I don't know the answer but I see 2 potential issues.
    1. Making money using a free data source - e.g. typically Google agreements say free for non-commercial use.
    2. Privacy - when signing up to various things we give permission to service providers to use our information - don't know legality of privacy if you use it even if available publicly on the site that has permission.

    I think you need paid legal advice here.