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EFT POS card payment fees can be reduced considerably

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Pradhumn Dubey, 18th Jan, 2018.

  1. Pradhumn Dubey

    Pradhumn Dubey New Member

    18th Jan, 2018
    Most of the business tend to ignore the point of comparing the Debit/Credit/other card payment fees charged by the banks.

    Typically it is in the range of 2% to 3.5 % based on the card types, turnover and contract.
    While there are other players like Anovia which is very competetive in the market and offers reliable services as they also use the hardware services from First Data (The same vendor for all other banks).
    The World's Fifth largest Award winning Merchant Services company has entered in Australia last year and has grown tremendously.
    To discuss your business requirement and get a competitive quote for the merchant services you can call/message me on 0460614166
    or you can go to:

    Click on Request Proposal, then click Get Started and then fill the details and upload the last statement of the existing bank and then the Anovia team will contact you shortly with the best quote which will beat your banks existing rate 100% gauranteed.

    Similarly you can also compare and get the quotes for your Gas, Electricity, broadband, Security Services and Mobile bills and get considerable lower rates and can switch to them without any hiccups. Call me anytime for facilitating the process and a personalised support.

    More than happy to help!

    Thanks so much
    Mob: 0470614166