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Discussion in 'General Business Chat' started by adam duckworth, 14th Dec, 2017.

  1. adam duckworth

    adam duckworth New Member

    14th Dec, 2017
    hey everyone, first time poster on this site, I'm a member of PC but thought this question would be better suited to here.
    i just wanted some info/ guidance on what people thought of coin operated car washes, around 6 bays, 2 vacuum and maybe a dog wash/cafe, the returns seem quite good. has anyone on here had any experience or know anyone who has. i can't seem to find info any where on running costs etc

    this will be business only not property and business, like this one:
    Coin Car Wash - Morwell - 34206
  2. Dylan33

    Dylan33 Member

    28th Mar, 2017
    I know of one opened up in a small country town in nsw. No one thought it was needed or it would be used much but it turned out to be very profitable. It went well past the figures that the supplying company had forecast for it.
    The guy added a dog wash soon after.
    I thought about it myself after seeing his results.