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An Online Fashion Store, Computer Store and Department Store Walk into a Bar...

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Simon Chanpheng, 27th Jul, 2018.


Which one sounds better?

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  1. Simon Chanpheng

    Simon Chanpheng New Member

    27th Jul, 2018
    Hello everyone!

    Ever since joining up with my then-before business 'solo' partner back in 2013 my role has been a mish-mash of a Copywriter, Graphic Designer, Web Designer, and a Web Content Manager; with now 3 or so websites up (partner had 3 or so up already).

    While I mostly pull the strings on the front-end creating color schemes & palettes for websites, their layout and content, social media video advertisements, producing blog posts, eBay product pictures, SEO optimisation (a never-ending to-do list!) and other tasks my partner exceeds and excels in spreadsheets and the back-end.

    With the ups (some) and downs (mostly) of selling products online taken full grip with the likes of Wish and aliexpress on the frontlines I am finding the journey both very nerve-wracking and very rewarding; the strange joy of knowing someone looked at a single picture that you designed on eBay through trial and bloody error and bought whatever product was on it is...very addictive.

    If someone asked me how to get high without using substances then the pursuit of bettering your e-commerce game is an answer I'd wholeheartedly give. It's probably the same for social media stars with their fan and like/share numbers they get.

    With more projects along the way I've had to re-analyse everything that I do which is where my partner proposed (a month or two ago) to find assistance in online forums. Flying Solo looks to be one of them.

    I hope with this dense and condensed introduction that I hope to find...I'm not sure what but it'll be helpful I feel!