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5 key tips on intellectual property for your startup

Discussion in 'Business Legal Issues' started by Simon Hampel, 15th Dec, 2016.

  1. Simon Hampel

    Simon Hampel Founder Staff Member

    24th Aug, 2016
    Anthill Magazine:

    1. Know your assets - the difference between trade marks, patents, designs and copyright
    2. Know your protection options - don't just assume that you are protected or that you can't protect your IP
    3. Know how to keep it confidential - don't disclose your ideas until you've taken steps to protect them
    4. Know that you own it - when dealing with employees or independent contractors, make sure you have clear written agreements in place
    5. Know the marketplace (keep an eye out for copycats)
    Obviously for service based businesses, there may not be much intellectual property beyond trademarks - but even for product or innovation based businesses, I think it's still something that many startups (myself included) tend to place in the "won't need to worry about this until we're bigger" category. Also known as the "do I really need to engage a lawyer? I hate dealing with lawyers!" category.

    Does anyone have a good IP lawyer they can recommend?
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  2. Player

    Player Member

    18th Sep, 2016
    That was such a smooth and simple read. Thanks for sharing @Simon Hampel.

    @RPI might be able to give some insights and referral to specific legal firms assuming he doesnt have people within his team that deal with this area.
  3. pinkboy

    pinkboy Member

    29th Aug, 2016
    Ive had discussions with @RPI on a couple of occasions regarding intellectual property of a start up venture currently underway. While I wont disclose anything, Darryl does deal with IP advice, documentation and implementation. So far, impressed with his advice.

  4. bob shovel

    bob shovel Active Member

    2nd Sep, 2016
    I've met with patentuer in Perth.
    They specialise in dealing with start ups and could probably help with whatever you need with regards to tm's, patents etc. (I'm green in this department)
    It's very important to do this early!!

    Patents are hard to get once you've started selling or discussing your ideas in public eg. social media as it becomes public knowledge and no longer your own idea
  5. RPI

    RPI Well-Known Member

    31st Aug, 2016
    A couple of my guys do IP work and I have some decent knowledge in that area. Running a breach of patent case at moment that is very interesting.

    One little known benefit of trademarks -

    Google will not allow people to use trademarks in their Adwords ads, as long as you actually take the time to fill in the paperwork.

    Help for trademark owners - Advertising Policies Help
  6. Paul@PFI

    Paul@PFI Member

    20th May, 2017
    I am my intellectual property.

    Google has some strange approaches to IP and they sometimes make sense globally. Other make no sense. Adwords is one.Sounds is another and that does my head...try adding a sound to a YouTube video. They claim to posses words they rent but silly indians seem to want to sell them on their behalf. Think of things that cant be IP and its cheaper. And use a trademark to stop others stealing the ideas.

    Example...The word Chat. I looked at an idea that used spoken expressions and wanted to use a expression that involve spoken advice but each time the word chat could have been substituted. I have respect for Simon and didnt dare pass-off or infringe association of property and "discussion "" ie chat. So I dropped the idea. Im so glad I did - Its too hard and easily argued both ways but I dont want to argue. A whole new name was born that google and other would see as unique. I also wanted to use the words "TV" and encountered broadcasters globally who have way too much money. They opposed ANYTHING witn the word property and TV in it or even a synonym.

    So I found a name that is so personal and unique nobody else had it. Its so simple.

    Sometimes short simple and catchy works... Like Uber. Or Opal or Google......I think I found my word and its launching soon.