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2016 Goals - Achieved?

Discussion in 'General Business Chat' started by RPI, 22nd Nov, 2016.

  1. RPI

    RPI Well-Known Member

    31st Aug, 2016
    2016 is fast coming to a close.

    Did you achieve the goals you set in the start of the year?

    We had many but the conveyancing side of the practice is a good example of unexpected things arising.

    We have been working on become the number 2 player in conveyancing in QLD with number 1 being so far out in front that we could never catch them.

    With the closure of the number 1 competitor in the conveyancing side of our business in September we basically through our business plan out the window.

    Consequently our goals have been well and truly exceeded, by how much I still need another month to know.
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  2. 2 Dollar

    2 Dollar Active Member

    30th Aug, 2016
    Good job.
    Goals really give you something to aim for when you're hungry for it.

    We didn't make any goals.
    Been without goals for quite some time now, as far as business goes.
    Banked another 7 figures to the net equity, sales increased very well and the val of the business naturally grew.
    Pretty happy with that and don't want to go to the next level with the current business.
    Might be time for a change and a bit of a break for us.