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    1. General Business Chat

      General discussion about owning or operating a business
      Latest: How business structure works? ankit3695, 28th Aug, 2019
    2. Business Marketing

      How you find leads or generate new business. Online marketing, email marketing, word of mouth marketing, viral marketing, transactional marketing, outbound marketing, inbound marketing, direct marketing, newsletter marketing, content marketing, search marketing, etc
    3. Business Development and Sales

      Developing new business, selling, closing the deal, customer relationship management
      Latest: CRM Systems Paul@PFI, 20th May, 2017
    1. Business Technology

      Using technology in your business. Computers, mobile, internet, websites, cloud, software, hardware.
      Latest: Offering great tech consulting in Sydney kmoe96, 19th May, 2019
    2. Online Business & E-Commerce

      Doing business online, websites that make money
      Latest: Magento vs WooCommerce vs ? tbacca, 18th Feb, 2019
  1. Business Resources

    Resources and Tools for Businesses
    1. Information Resources & Tools

      Where to find information and discussion and reviews of information resources and tools for business owners and operators - books, magazines, seminars, websites, software, even people.
      Latest: National Achievers Congress 2017 trinity168, 2nd Jan, 2017
    1. News & Announcements

      Site news - features, changes, updates and analysis
    2. Introductions

      New to BusinessChat? Say hello here and let us know a bit about you!
      Latest: Greetings from Integritas Digital Andrew Nguyen, 18th Aug, 2019
    3. Business Showcase

      Let us know about your business or new website or new product you've developed.
      Latest: ~ Check us out! Teetotal, 28th Jul, 2017
    4. Help & Feedback

      Bug reports for things that don't work as expected and suggestions for features you'd like added to the forums or changes you'd like to see
      Latest: New thread watching default Simon Hampel, 9th Oct, 2016
  2. Off Topic

    Non-business related discussions
    1. Water Cooler

      General off topic discussions about anything not related to business
      Latest: There is no cloud Blacky, 15th Sep, 2016